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In the 1970’s, the Fehme family moved from Lebanon to Liberia to escape the pressures of the ongoing war. While in Liberia, unbeknownst to the world, a talented designer was born. During that time until 1999, Walid stayed amidst those two countries. In 1999, Walid traveled to the United States, taking up residency in Michigan. A year later, he found love in Angela and found himself permanently settled in Evansville, IN.

In 2000, Walid graduated with honors from Rogers Academy of Hair Design. Realizing that he had a true talent and passion for the industry, Walid avidly made his new career his priority. He first launched his creativity in 2002, at the St. Jude’s Hospital event, bringing home 1st in updos. Later that year, he participated in Indiana’s Statewide Competition. He won four trophies; 1st in hair cutting, 2nd in styling, 2nd in updo, and 3rd in fantasy.

With the awards and fast success fueling him, Walid made the hardest decision in any stylist’s life, to open Waleeds International Hair Design. This solo business venture brought much excitement and growth to the community. His inspiring designs and burning desire to be the best, Walid stayed up to date on current trends and fashions. And, after just two years of being open, he was already expanding. In 2004 he introduced a full serving salon and spa at its new location.

This still wasn’t the last stop for him; he craved more knowledge. He started to attend private colorist classes in Chicago and New York. Walid eventually found himself training in Beverly Hills, CA at J. Beverly Hills. He was so influenced by this company that he couldn’t stay away. He kept returning to Beverly Hills to get the most experience he could. Juan Juan, owner of J. Beverly Hills, was impressed by Walid’s ability to absorb new techniques so quickly. There was no question that he was a stand out, and was an asset to him that couldn’t get away. In 2005, he earned a position at J. Beverly Hills being an educator in hair cutting and product knowledge nationwide.

Although, he was very busy with his salon and the new J. Beverly Hills position, Walid still found time to enter yet another competition. Walid Fehme, won the 2007 Chicago Stars National Makeover Competition and was runner up for the same competition in 2009. In 2010, he was holding 1st place again. The buck doesn’t stop there though, Walid keeps his designers up to date with the newest training from J. Beverly Hills and other successful companies.

Aside from his national accomplishments, Walid knows what it’s like to pay it forward. Waleed’s International Hair Design and Therapeutic Spa has given countless donations to several charity groups. He has donated to; YMCA, M.S. Association, Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina relief funds, Taylor Holweger Foundation, Hollies House, and many others that can support and give back to our communities. Waleed’s has hosted numerous hair shows to benefit others, as well. The Relief Re-Design to aid The Red Cross. And, The Fashionista Show gave assistance to The Boys and Girls Club.

The achievements that Walid has attained throughout the past 13 years are truly an amazing feat. It’s a pure art form, an inspiring story, for anyone needing someone to aspire to become. His loyalty and dedication is a moral that all should strive to obtain. He proves these are the building blocks of any successful business person.

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